Our homegroups are open to everyone! They are small, informal groups where you can form friendships, learn and pray together and find support for your Christian life.

Our homegroups are currently answering questions based on the passage for the previous Sunday.

Previously we were going through a fantastic series called Fruitfulness on the Front Line.

The series encouraged, equiped and challenged us, on how we can make a difference to the world around us!

As it was so beneficial we are keeping the link on here (see below) so people can easily access the material.

We have seven home groups meeting twice a month

at the following times:

Monday:            7.30pm at  Chris and Mark Cattermole 

                            7.30pm at  Julia and Phil Brunton     

Wednesday:      9.30am at Chris & Aileen Caldicott

                            7.30pm at  Jeannie and Jonathan Gyll 

Friday:                10.00am at  Pauline Herdman 

For more information about home groups please contact the church office on 01903 368247

For more information about Fruitfulness on the Frontline please visit  www.licc.org.uk/